Learn about your group's (or your own) creative strengths and weaknesses,
and get some tips to improve creative performance.


"Creative IQ test, oh really?" you ask (with a hint of suspicion).

By creative IQ we mean "Imagination Quotient," the basic habits and practices people exercise that lead to fresh ideas.

This test was developed by Tom Monahan, president and head creativity coach at Before & After, Inc., leaders in the applied creativity field. It has been taken by thousands of people throughout the world. The gauges used are modeled after common thinking habits of some of the greatest creative minds throughout history.

There are two different tests here, one for you to gauge the creativeness of your organization, and one for you as an individual. Take the test for as many contexts as you please: organizationally for your work team, department or your entire company; individually for your job, hobbies, family life or other. Just make sure that each time you take the test your point of view is consistent within one context. If you take both tests, we recommend that you take the organization version first.

This is a quick, universal test, with fairly generalized results driven by the answers you provide. There is certainly a margin for error, and exceptions to almost every "rule," creativeness being as elusive as it is. But there is more method to the madness than most people realize. And the feedback can be extremely valuable, particularly if you're honest with yourself in how you answer the questions, have an open mind and are looking to improve in this area. This test cannot measure the creativeness of any specific idea, nor does it measure artistic talent.

If you want to save the results and recommendations, YOU MUST PRINT EACH PAGE BEFORE you advance to the next. Like lots of things in life, there's no turning back. So, give it a shot. What do you have to lose, that is, besides a few limiting thinking habits?


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* Imagination Quotient; thinking habits and practices that lead to fresh ideas.
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